What Are The Top Dating Sites On The Internet?

Published: 30th March 2011
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What Are The Top Dating Sites On The Internet?

Online dating can open up a whole new world of opportunities for you -- but what you need are some truthful dating service reviews to help you decide on the right website.

The first dating site I'll tell you about is Match.com, which is not cheap -- but I personally feel it's worth the cost. Also, the cost (around $40 a month) creates a barrier of entry. In other words, this dating site is not swarmed with young airhead girls who basically want to get attention and play games, nor is it filled with skeezy dudes who just want to send perverted messages.

Usually, the people on match.com are truly looking for someone to date. A lot of other internet dating sites (especially free ones) are only trying to sign up as many members as they can, and provide little help with actually meeting anyone. On the other hand, Match.com is a real community of like-minded men and women who are genuinely interested in finding a mate. From the moment you sign up with Match.com, you know that their goal is to help you find real, high-quality matches.

Without question, this site boasts the most powerful search features in the online dating industry. Instead of limiting you to some magic matching system that is only accessible to employees behind the scenes, you are allowed to search by location as well as several other factors that show how compatible you are with your potential mates.

Also, when you submit photos for yourself, the Match.com staff must approve them. Because of this, users on the site have high quality photos that are representative of who they actually are.

Next on my list of dating service reviews is Are You Interested, which is a hybrid between "Hot or not?" and Valentine's Day in elementary school. It poses as a free site, but actually charges rates that approach that of the high quality pay sites in order to actually hook up with a potential mate.

Are You Interested runs as an application on Facebook. The site feels like spam, with endless popup advertising "free gifts" for you to give away en masse to all the people you have clicked "Yes" to after seeing their picture for 2 seconds during the "Hot or Not" inspired part of the site.

You'll find that this website is full of bugs and errors as soon as you sign up. And you'll have a very hard time trying to use this website with a mobile phone, as many of the buttons will not be clickable. The site touts its ability to automatically read your interests, but do not be surprised it if makes a match between you and someone else based on the fact that you both like heavy metal polka, or some equally absurd assertion that has no basis in reality or anything you ever wrote in your Facebook profile.

I'm surprised that the developers of the site haven't bothered to fix these issues. I have to assume that this site's real purpose is to make as many bogus "matches" as possible. You are encouraged to sign up for free, and then the site will send you a bunch of possible "matches" (from attractive girls, of course.) The site will also notify you when someone else thinks you are attractive, which will naturally make you want to contact them. To do so, however, you will need to hand over your money and become a paid member.

Most of these so-called matches are actually young girls (16-25 years old) who are not even single. They join the site without any respect for the notion that some of the people on the site are actually single and lonely. Their only goal is to boost their ego by seeing how many men click "Yes" on their photos.

The last site on my list of dating service reviews is eHarmony, which prides itself on coming up with a complicated algorithm to make amazing matches between potential soul mates. However, many ex-eHarmony users complain that the site does not actually work well in the real world. The matches it comes up with seem to be random sometimes. Another irritating aspect of this site is that lots of profiles are left on the site, even though the users ended their contract with eHarmony months ago. This is great for marketing, but results in real users feeling ignored when messaging potential mates that are not able to respond because they do not use the site any longer. I like some of eHarmony's features, but not enough to recommend this site. Spend your money on another dating service. Your goal with these sites is to get dates. If you cannot get a date from the site, it's pretty much useless.

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